Zulkiple: Malaysian Armed Forces are always prepared

Zulkiple Kassim delivering his speech in front of 3900 military at the 85th Malaysian Army Anniversary celebra on on Thursday
Zulkiple Kassim delivering his speech at the 85th Malaysian Army Anniversary celebration on Thursday

PORT DICKSON – Chief of Malaysian Army, General Tan Sri Zulkiple Kassim believes that the capabilities of the army to win in a battle are more important than to have the latest assets.

He said most weapons and military assets are capable to kill, but to win in a battle should be above everything. Malaysia cannot compare itself with other countries` latest military assets.

“The situation is like competing with the neighbors and this is not the correct spirit. Everything we do should be according to our means and capabilities,” he told the media when asked whether Malaysia is purchasing a higher range of military assets (cannons) like what neighboring countries possess.  

Zulkiple was talking to the media after delivering his speech and inspecting a military parade at the marching field, PUSASDA here today in conjunction with the 85th Malaysian Army Anniversary.

He also declared 14th February as “The Warrior Day” in commemorating the death of Lieutenant Adnan at Bukit Chandu on 14th February 1942 during the World War 11.

The military parade in conjuncon with the 85th Malaysian Army Anniversary celebraon held at PUSASDA Port Dickson on Thursday
Military parade in conjunction with the 85th Malaysian Army Anniversary celebration held at PUSASDA, Port Dickson on Thursday

 Zulikiple added that Malaysian army is always prepared to act according to their capabilities even though the development process is slow due to financial constraints.

He elaborated, however, the basis of the Malaysian Army Strategic Development Plan or known as Army4nextG is to have a modern, versatile and credible army to support the National Defence Policies.

“Under this plan, the Malaysian Army is able to operate concurrently in two territories namely the Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia,” he added.  

Speaking on the challenges ahead, Zulkiple said, the Malaysian Army is always prepared, on the alert, all the time even though the country is peaceful and prosperous.

He said, the presence of the military is a service and it is like an “insurance” that gives the public the confidence to live in peace, and at the same time warns the people who intend to create trouble in the country.

Zulkiple also reiterated the challenges are more complex now as it is difficult to know who are your friends and enemies as there is no proper guideline.

“The Islamic State (IS) ideology, for example, has no borders and the extremists’ groups can launch an attack anytime and anywhere,” he said.

To the question of preparedness, Zulkiple said, all military staff must be physically and mentally fit apart from being competent and professional in their performances. Qualified army personnel are also given the opportunity to further their studies at diploma, degree, masters, and PhD at local and international universities – depending on the financial provision approved by the government.

“We want the human capital to be equipped with academic, technical and professional excellence to meet the challenges ahead,” he said. –Malaysia World News. 

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