Zelensky criticizes NATO for refusing to enforce no-fly zone over Ukraine, blames it for the death of Ukrainain citizens

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky criticizes NATO for refusing to enforce no-fly zone over Ukraine and blames it for the death  of Ukrainain citizens.

“All the people who die from this day forward will also die because of you (NATO), because of your weakness, because of your lack of unity,” Zelensky said in a nighttime address.

“The alliance has given the green light to the bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages by refusing to create a no-fly zone.”

NATO has recently refused to impose a no-fly zone, citing that the no-fly zone could provoke widespread war in Europe with nuclear-armed Russia.

“All that the alliance was able to do today was to pass through its procurement system 50 tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine. Perhaps so we could burn the Budapest Memorandum,” Zelensky said, referring to the 1994 security guarantees given to Ukraine in exchange for the withdrawal of its Soviet-era nuclear weapons, reported the Independence.

“You will not be able to pay us off with liters of fuel for the liters of our blood, shed for our common Europe.”

U.S. officials and other NATO member countries warned that no-fly zone would lead to armed engagement between alliance and Russian planes, with the result of a massive escalation of the war over Ukraine.

Zelensky said Ukrainians will continue to resist. 

“We are warriors of light,” he said. 

Source: The Independent



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