Zayn Rayyan’s grandparents to report once a month to the district police HQ – Lawyer Fahmi

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KUALA LUMPUR: The paternal grandparents of murdered 6-year-old Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin, were released on police bail and will be required to report to the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters every month for bail purposes.

Lawyer to the couple, Fahmi Abd. Moin said, there were no further remand proceedings conducted by the police.

Fahmi said, Zahari Mohd. Reba along with his wife Hasni Zakaria both 56 were released on Thursday at 2.30pm.

“Zahari and Hasni were released at 2.30pm on police bail and there were no issues while they were only asked to provide statements to the police to supplement information provided previously.

“The grandparents will certainly comply with police directives and will continue to cooperate closely in the hunt for the real perpetrator,” he said when met by reporters after his clients’ release at the police station here today.

Fahmi added, the police investigation is still being conducted under Section 302 of the Penal Code, and the grandparents were released from police custody under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).

Meanwhile, Zahari said he wanted to go home to rest, and see his son and daughter-in-law.

Earlier, Petaling Jaya District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Shahrulnizam Jaafar said the couple were only detained for 24 hours for questioning.

Zahari and Hasni left the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters at 2.30pm, accompanied by lawyers Fahmi and Ilyani Khuzairy.

On Wednesday, the grandparents were detained at their home in Subang Bestari after returning from the Petaling Jaya Court Complex.

Selangor police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan said the detention was to facilitate investigations into the boy’s murder. –Malaysia World News



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