Zaidi receives RMAF appreciation certificate for saving the life of the female who was drowning

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Rodzali (left) presenting an appreciation certificate to Zaidi Salleh at the RMAF Veteran Reunion Dinner in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. Zaidi has saved the life of a female from drowning near the Penang Bridge recently.

KUALA LUMPUR: Chief of Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), General Tan Sri Affendi Buang felt very proud of the high humanistic spirit that was shown by a former RMAF, Flight Sergeant Zaidi Salleh 52, who has saved the life of a female from drowning near the Penang Bridge recently.

He said Zaidi’s high determination to help the female from drowning without thinking whether he would be safe or not should be regarded as a national hero by example.

“I just wonder how he managed to remain in the water for 45 minutes with the other person (female) with him. I believe he managed to save her for his skill and experience being a physical exercise couch and has worked with the RMAF Special Air Team.

“We cannot deny that he has the determination to save the female from drowning and has given all the aids that she needed,” he said to the media after attending the Reunion Dinner of the RMAF Veteran Association here on Saturday.

The lady was said to have jumped from the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge recently and later shouted for help. She was rescued by Zaidi who was alerted by his friend who saw the incident.

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Zaidi (centre) accompanied by his sons at the RMAF Veteran Dinner on Saturday.

At the event, Zaidi received an appreciation certificate from the President of RMAF Veteran Association, Tan Sri Rodzali Daud -RM800 cash and RM800 shares from the “Koperasi Veteran Tentera Udara Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Zaidi expressed his gratitude to the RMAF Veteran Association for giving him the appreciation certificate and also to those who gave him in kinds or money.

Commenting on the RMAF Veteran Association, Affendi hopes that the association would become a one stop centre for easy access for specialists in certain fields.

“The association will have its data base and in case any company wants to find specialists in certain fields then the veterans could be of great help. However, some of them have been picked up by companies before they retire.

“I hope the memberships of the association will be increased from 500 to 1,500 in a short period of time. A strong association will enable any proposed plan and programme to be realized,” he said.

Affendi also reminds the veterans not to be too sceptical on what they could get from the association that was established on June 2016.

“I hope the veterans can change their mindset. They should think of what they can contribute as an ex-RMAF staff to the development of the association. The faster the association grows, the more benefits the members will get,” he reiterated.

Affendi also believed the association will progress as planned with the new leadership of Tan Sri Rodzali Daud as the President.

He said, there are about 5,000 RMAF veterans and they are divided into the age groups of 60, 50, and 40.

Effendi also said, if the leadership gets the support from the members then it is not impossible to achieve what has been aspired for. – Malaysia World News

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