Zahid: The Military and other Security Agencies are developing new mechanisms to face cyber threats


KUALA LUMPUR: The military and defence establishment of a nation has become vulnerable targets of the evolving cyber threats.

Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said, these threats are intangible with no borders and involve unseen armies, thus keeping pace with the threats require sophisticated solutions.

“Military along with other security agencies are developing new mechanisms for meeting these emerging security challenges.

“It necessitates the whole government approach which needs the private sector to be involved and this must be promoted across the region and beyond,” Ahmad Zahid said.

Ahmad Zahid said that in his speech at the Closing Ceremony of Putrajaya Forum 2018 “Recalibrating Regional Security Architecture” held at Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC) here today.

He also added, the government has collaborated with PETRONAS in establishing a Forward Operating Base or FOB in the waters of Sabah by combining resources from the government with the oil company.

“With that experience, the private-public partnership is probably the way forward for ASEAN in managing its regional security and stability as this will bring together regional experts and representatives across sectors.

“ASEAN must look beyond its borders, enhance regional initiative and cooperation.

“A greater and higher expectation of the existing regional mechanisms can be redeemed through an organisational framework such as ASEAN Defence Ministerial Meeting or ADMM and ADMM Plus,” he said.

– Malaysia World News

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