Zahid Hamidi urges Kelantan people to vote for Unity Government to bring changes to the state


KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi urged the Kelantan people to bring changes to the state by giving a chance to the Unity Government to win in the state election on 12th August 2023.   

Zahid who is also the Deputy Prime Minister said, the Kelantan people need to make a change after it has been administered under the same government for 33 years.

According to Bernama, Zahid had asked the people to give a chance to the Unity Government to make changes in the state and said, “Pity the people of Kelantan.”

“Try to give one term (to the Unity Government) as it is only five years and if we repeat the same or not right (no development) then can change back (state government).       

“This time try to give us support and Insya Allah we will do our best. For the parents who will return to cast their votes and those already living here (Kelantan) 33 years is enough and it is too long,” he said in his speech at the “Deputy Prime Minister with the Malaysian Government Pensioners Silaturahim Programme, Kelantan level in Gua Musang on Sunday.

Zahid also stressed that the Unity Government will ensure the fate of the Kelantan people will be protected while the backwardness of the state will be overcome with a more rapid development.

“We will continue to help Kelantan and what more if Kelantan is under the  Madani Government,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Zahid said, if Kelantan is under the current government, the coordination of every state’s economic development plan is much easier.-Malaysia World News



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