Zahid denies conspiring with Anwar, says the audio conversation is fake

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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the audio recording allegedly showing him conspiring with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim against PN government “is fake.”

He denied allegations that he spoke to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim over the phone duning the Umno general assembly.

In a statement, he claimed the allegation was a political scheme to weaken Umno.

“As the party president, I have never violated any decisions made by the supreme council or the annual general assembly,” he said.

The Umno president also vows to lodge a police report.

Since last night, an audio recording of a recent telephone conversation between two persons sound like the Umno President and PKR President has been making round on social media.
In the audio conversation, the two leaders are heard thanking each other and expressing happiness after Umno delegates agreed with Zahid’s proposal for the party to sever ties with the National Alliance (PN) coalition.
“I just follow the Umno General Assembly,” said Anwar, laughing after greeting Zahid in the recording of the conversation.
“Don’t worry, that is only tactical, OK,” Zahid replied.
“No, no, okay, okay, I saw your speech was good, and then you did mention about the supreme council, and of course we want to finish the game, but if you already think about the mandate, okay, just a little work with MT, ” said Anwar.
They are both believed to be referring to Zahid’s speech at the PAU in which he firmly said that  the Umno Supreme Council has decided to not cooperate with Bersatu, neither Anwar, nor DAP .
The phone recording is believed to have taken place hours after Zahid’s winding -up speech when PAU announced the mandate it had obtained.

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