YPC to focus on Future-Minds-programmes, strengthen graduate employability

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Students studying a UK Degree program from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) at YPC International College Malaysia- Photo MWN

Kuala Lumpur: As Malaysia is becoming a highly industrialized country finding a place in today`s competitive job market has become even more challenging.

Most of Malaysian students choose YPC International College for at least 3 reasons, according to Malaysia World News reporter`s review: 1) High-quality education; 2) Strong focus on graduate employability; 3) And an affordable cost of studying and living.

However, for most of the students, the sole aim of obtaining a degree or high qualification is to get a good job with good pay after graduation.

Through its Future-Minds-programmes, which are made up of theory plus virtual project work and coaching sessions conducted by experienced professionals and lecturers, YPC International College gives a great opportunity to its students to acquire valuable skills and gain exciting insights into the industry.

Students have a chance here to tackle real-world issues, exchange ideas and opinions with other program members, and build their own network by getting in touch with industry and employees

YPC International College works with a diverse range of companies. As a result of close industry links.  92% of YPC students found employment less than or within six months after graduating.

YPC student carrying registration form
A YPC student carrying registration form-Photo MWN

The college offers a better experience than other local colleges or universities. Employers may favor graduates from a certain establishment. It has strong relationships with leading local and international organizations, including IBM, Public Bank, KPMG, Petronas, and Sunway. Currently many YPC students are doing their industrial training and working here.

Students from YPC International College which is teaching foundation, diploma, and UK degree programmes of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) UK, are ready to work anywhere in the world, locally and internationally, because they are equipped with international, good quality education, knowledge, and skills,” said Datuk Dr.Noel Robert.

At YPC International College, you can learn future-minds-subjects and up-to-date programmes such as e-business, e-commerce, business management, creative multimedia, Photography, It, cyber security, Digital Media and Broadcasting, etc – Those are the subjects and skills that nowadays job market needs, especially that Malaysia is transforming into a highly industrial society.

“Many of our graduates are employed and earning very well.

“The purpose of education would fall flat if we cannot guarantee a better future for our students” said Dr.Noel.

He added, employability is also the priority for YPC International College and its partner, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

LJMU Dr.Seamas and YPC Principal Dr Noel handing certificates of appreciation to students
LJMU Dr.Seamus (middle) and-YPC Principal Dr.Noel (second right) handing certificates of appreciation to students.Photo MWN

According to Dr Seamus O’Brien of LJMU, graduates are particularly sought after by employers.

“Our programmes are strong in terms of employability,” he said.

Students usually consider what they want to study and how strong a particular university is in that subject, rather than just looking for an institution that they recognise.

Many big companies in Malaysia such as EH Autolink and Anima Vitae are full of YPC graduates.

People who aspire to work in e-commerce or creative multimedia, for example, usually enroll in YPC International College that has specializations in those fields.

Today, in this competitive, industrialized world,  employers tend to hire graduates with future-minds-qualifications and skills.

Dr. Noel said, many agencies would prefer to hire graduates with good qualifications, skills, and fitness and YPC International College offers what they require. – Malaysia World News


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