YPC: “Students Orientation” for an international qualification

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Students taking picture with their lecturer at the Orientation Day here on Tuesday.

Malaysian students who have chosen YPC International College to acquire international qualifications would be more confident and enthusiastic after following adequate orientation sessions conducted by YPC lecturers and experts.

YPC has designed two-day orientation activities from 1st to 2ndAugust for its new foundation and diploma students. These activities are to help them know about their new environment and programmes and vision about their academic achievements in the next few years.

The New Student Orientation sessions are aimed to introduce the new students to the university college`s environment, staff and lecturers and help them to familiarize the campus before they enter their classes next week.

Many YPC lecturers, staff and student volunteers participated in the orientation session. The orientation activities started from 8:30am until 5pm.

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The new students are free to ask any question, meet and snap pictures with the lecturers and staff, besides participating in games and activities such as Ice Breaking, Manner, Explorage, “Bola Beracun”, and Build Kingdom organized by student volunteers and lecturers.

All new students are expected to attend the New Student Orientation Programmes to acclimatize themselves with YPC International College.

In an interview with Malaysia World News (MWN), a lecturer who is one of the organizers said: “The orientation starts today. All these activities are about the students’ relationship with others.

ypc new students orientation day 2018

“We want them to enjoy while studying in YPC International College. We also help them feel a sense of belonging and that this college is the right place for them to study.

“They are being oriented to adapt to the situation and YPC surroundings and feel that they are at home,” she told MWN.

There were many senior students who helped to answer questions posed by the new students at the orientation event today, one of the volunteer students said.

“We help our lecturers and the college staff to answer the questions from the new students so that they feel at ease and adapt immediately to their new environment.

“In these two days we teach them how to appreciate and make friends with each other, play games together and at the same time learn how to work as a team, how to communicate and boost their energy,” he said.

“The new students seem to be very enthusiastic, energetic and willing to cooperate and learn new things,” he added. – Malaysia World News

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