YPC re-brands and launches a new counseling center

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YPC students performing a drama on mental health.

YPC International College recently announced the re-branding and the launch of a new counseling center to expand and meet students` growing demand for counseling services.

The counseling center will support students seeking assistance in managing stress and mental health issues such as bipolar depression, anxiety, addictions, culture shock, sadness, and suicidal thoughts.

The center provides counseling services including individual therapy, group counseling, psychological evaluation, assessment, and referrals.

It also offers personal development, besides workshops that teach skills related to stress management, managing thoughts, and emotions.

Dr Noel giving a token of appreciation to Dr. Abdul Halim after the launch of the counseling center at YPC on 25 Nov

The counseling center offers services for free and confidential. All YPC students are eligible for counseling services.

The counselors provide consultation, tips, and advice. But if the counselors find the student suffers serious mental illness then they refer him/her immediately to specialized doctors. 

“Not many students want to make use of the counseling services, maybe because they are shy to come forward and tell their issues (problems) or they do not know the importance of counseling.

“I sincerely advise students who feel or suffer from any mental health issue to take advantage of this service and seek help immediately from our counselors.

“For the center to be active, there must be full engagement with the students. The center and the counselors must also be students friendly,” said YPC Principal, Datuk Dr. Noel Robert after announcing the rebranding and the launch of the new counseling center on Monday (November 25) at YPC function hall.

He said students with mental problems or concerns should not be shy to approach the counselors and tell their issues because the service is totally confidential.

“We also organize many activities to educate students on the importance of seeking help from others and not only confined to themselves.”

“Our counseling center is operated by professionals, friendly counselors, and staff.

“The objective of this center is that we want to ensure our students are healthy, good achievers, successful in their studies, future careers and in handling challenges” Dr. Noel added.

Present at the launch was also Dato’ Dr. Abdul Halim Hussin, President of the International Counseling Association of Malaysia (Perkama International).

“It`s good to bring up your mental health issue, even though small such as anxiety because if you cannot control your anxiety you may fall into another mental health category.

“If you are bound with certain mental health issues you may get stuck in your journey to achieve your goals and dreams in life,” Dr. Abdul Halim told YPC students at the launch of the counseling center here recently.

He also stressed that mental issues are on the rise among young students in Malaysia due to today`s lifestyle, technology and access to all kinds of information.

Dr.Abdul Halim also congratulated YPC International College for its commitments towards student’s wellbeing, adding that this center could serve as the best place for students and activities related to mental care and mental awareness.

In recent years, students’ mental and emotional wellbeing has been of growing concern to universities. Many institutions are also struggling to find the resources to address these issues.

More than half of the college students said that they have experienced “overwhelming anxiety” in the final year, according to the American College Health Association, and 32 percent said they felt so depressed and “it was difficult to function.”

YPC strongly recommends all its students who feel anxiety, stress or any kind of mental health issues not to hesitate to seek and receive immediate care from the college’s counseling center.

YPC counselors are available during business hours to respond to urgent needs. If you are experiencing a crisis situation and need urgent help, please call+603-92833799


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