YPC Fitness Club helps build students`characters – Dr.Noel

dato dr noel robert ypc college
YPC International College Principal, Datuk Dr. Noel Robert talking to Malaysia World News at YPC International College Fitness Club on Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR: YPC International College has initiated a fitness club to increase students’ health, productivity and character building as these factors have become competitive advantages in today`s employment market.

YPC International College Principal, Datuk Dr. Noel Robert said that employers today are not only looking for graduates with domain knowledge and academic achievements but also emphasize on good health and soft skills like leadership, communication and team building.

 “In YPC, we are very forward looking to prepare our students with all the necessary skills to enable them to have a successful career.

“The YPC Fitness Club organises runs and workouts where students face challenges that help build their characters, thinking and decision making skills.

“Having a good fitness level is an important value added factor for a worker in the work place,” he said in an interview with Malaysia World News (MWN) yesterday.  


In relation to the competitive advantage factor, Dr. Noel said the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU, UK), which is a world recognized university, also emphasizes its staff and students to be all-rounder and not just being an academician only.

The YPC International College has various academic collaborations with LJMU for the past few years.

“Good character, good education, and good fitness will decide whether you are successful or not. It gives our students the competitive edge. That is why I am fully committed to this new fitness programmes of YPC International College.

“We are going to invest in equipment. We will give our students opportunities to make them known. We want our students to maximize their capabilities and not only achieve  and become an average textbook graduates.

“We want students to be matured and have a complete holistic wholesome education that does not involve classroom and academic teaching only but also with good fitness level. As you know, if you are fit then you are productive,” he said.

Meanwhile, the president of the YPC Fitness Club, Leow Wen Jun, who is also a student in YPC, said that the purpose of the fitness club is “to increase physical activities of students” besides preventing them from getting diseases and quit some bad habits such as smoking.

“All YPC students can join the club for free. It provides both indoor and outdoor activities,” he said.

Marianne Teng Kar Yen, 21, YPC student and a member of the club said she loves to go for fitness exercises and shares knowledge with her friends in the club.

“I want to learn the right way to do each fitness exercise. This is my first time joining this club and it gives me the opportunity to meet nice and friendly people here.”

Dhanya Amira, 20, student from YPC, said the club helps her to keep fit and healthy.

“As a student I have a hectic schedule. I go to the club once a week to release my stress. Here there are many people that share the same hobby. I do my exercises with them and that will be more fun,” she said.  

As for Mohd. Hidayat, who is also a student from YPC, this club is a place to socialise with his friends apart from doing exercises that could help increase his body fitness and mind stay afresh after a long week of studies.

“This club helps students to actively participate in physical exercises and at the same time have a healthy and fresh mind,” he said. –Malaysia World News


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