YPC collaborating with Mary Jardin to help low-income students earn money while studying

YPC International College Malaysia (YPC), one of the main institute partners of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) UK, is collaborating with many business industrial partners such as Mary Jardin Skincare to find opportunities for its economically disadvantaged students who want to do part time jobs or run an online business and earn some money while they are studying.

This is due to many students in Malaysia live in poverty or come from low income families. Some of them come from Sabah and Sarawak and other states to study at YPC in Kuala Lumpur where the cost of living is very high.

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) government loan granted for these students is just enough to cover their tuition fees, excluding the payments for their accommodation, food, clothes and daily needs.

Normally, these economically disadvantaged students have difficulties in attending their classes, doing their home work and let alone succeeding in school.

Due to poverty most of these poor students have been dropped out from school. Many of them end up with a low-pay job just enough to survive or to pay for their life needs instead for education.

Engaging its poor students in online business such as selling products or providing services online from home would solve part of their financial problems.

In an exclusive interview with Malaysia World News (MWN) recently, the Principal of YPC, Datuk Dr. Noel Robert said, the college is looking for opportunities to engage students (especially from low income families) in business while they are studying.

He said that after the Power Talk Series on “How to Grow Successfully Business Online” by Dr. Maryam Aziz, the founder of Mary Jardin Skincare, at YPC Auditorium on September 5.

Dr. Noel added, in YPC most of the students are from low income group. Many of them need to earn some money while they are studying.

YPC International College is consistently taking the initiative to make the school a meaningful haven for disadvantaged students.

“We are looking forward to collaborate with Mary Jardin Skincare and other business companies to provide income and earning opportunities for our students.

“Students doing part time jobs or some online business would not only earn some money to support themselves financially but also they would acquire a lot of industrial experiences.

“On top of that, students will learn how to operate a business following the latest technology. They have to know that business processes have changed over the years where traditional methods are no more in use. People are buying (shopping) through online”, said Dr. Noel.

Doing online business can benefit students in two aspects: First, they can gain a lot of knowledge about the industry during their studies. Secondly, they can create income for themselves.

“In fact, we are bringing the industrial practices into the academic field,” Dr. Noel said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Maryam Aziz also stressed that the collaboration between YPC and Mary Jardin would be of much benefits for students who want to create income while studying.

“Students will excel in the business field… I mean in the real industrial world by training them and at the same time they will be our (sale) agents,” she said.

Mary Jardin Skincare is an online business selling beauty products and cosmetics. It was founded by Dr. Maryam Aziz, a medical doctor. She was graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2011 with an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

With the collaboration agreement between YPC and Mary Jardin, students can join or register with Mary Jardin to start online business as agents for beauty products.

Asked about the high competition and challenges of selling products or doing business online, Dr. Maryam said that the biggest challenges are “ourselves.”

“Today’s market is very challenging but it is also very accumulative. You can do business online from anywhere and at anytime.

“We have to choose the area (products) we are most passionate about.

“Now everything is in our hand phone. We can make use of the technologies and apps found in the phone.

“Instead of using Facebook for chatting and wasting time, why not use it for something that can earn you some money,” Dr.Maryam said.- Malaysia World News

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