YMI Asia: Malaysia comes No.1 in Education Workforce ranking, and No.2 in English Proficiency


Malaysia no1 in english profeciency

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s most robust economies, shines in Education Mobility.

Malaysia comes No.1 in Education Workforce ranking and No.2 in English Proficiency.  Overall, the country places No 6 in the Youth Mobility Index (YMI.Asia) report, immediately following Japan and Taiwan.

Together with the Malaysian government’s concerted effort in boosting the nation as an international study spot, Malaysia is increasingly becoming a popular study destination. 

International students come for ease of communication – English is widely spoken, its inexpensive accommodation and the unique experience the country and region has to offer.

“YMI.Asia rankings are built on our decade-long experience engaging millennials across Asia on Internet Governance issues and designed to help aspiring young leaders kick start their ideas for Asia. It is also my hope that YMI.Asia could inspire further studies to support and inform policy development locally and regionally to empower youth and enhance digital mobility across Asia,” said Mr Edmon Chung, Chief Executive Officer, DotAsia Organisation.

Youth Mobility Index Top 5:

The findings show that YMi scores correlate positively with GDP per capita, and other competitiveness and development indices, indicating a solid framework for the methodology and interesting points of the study highlighted by discrepancies. The results of the YMi rankings reaffirm the commanding lead by the four Asian Tigers – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea, along with Japan:

  • Singapore (#1) – Tops the overall ranking with a combined highest score across the sub-categories. This is supported by its competency in Education Mobility and an outstanding score in English Proficiency.
  • Hong Kong (#2) – Singapore’s strongest rival, comes in second, demonstrating strong dominance over Entrepreneurship Mobility, with high scoring in total Torrent (i.e. combined outbound and inbound students, migrant, travellers, goods and services).
  • Japan (#3) and Korea (#4) follow subsequently; achieving the highest score in Employment Mobility and overall Sustainability Factor respectively and showing a high mobility advantage over the traditional GDP per capita economic measure.
  • Taiwan (#5) – Secures the fifth place beating Hong Kong as the most fun place for mobile youth in the Life Experience (LifeX) sub-index within the YMi.




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