world must prepare for a ‘second or third wave’ of coronavirus until a vaccine is developed, says Hans Kluge

WHO Europe Director Dr Hans Henri Kluge

Countries around the world must be ready to face a ‘second or third wave’ of coronavirus until a vaccine is developed, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned today.

Dr Hans Kluge, the head of the WHO in Europe said,  despite positive signs that Covid-19 number of infections has reduced in many countries, the pandemic is still exist. 

“Covid-19 is not going away any time soon.

 “One of the things we saw very clearly in different countries is the speed with which even the best health systems can be overwhelmed and devastated,” he said during a WHO Europe briefing.

“So the biggest lesson overall at this stage would be that health really deserves to be at the top of the political agenda.

“Health is a driver of the economy — what we see now is that without health, there is no economy. Without health, there is no national security.

“Once we get out of the pandemic, through united efforts, this is a lesson never to be forgotten.” Hans Kluge added. 

 WHO warnings came as many countries have begun easing restrictions by allowing shops and businesses to reopen and people to leave their homes.

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