World Journalists support Korea denuclearization and peace

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INCHEON, KOREA: A Declaration of World Journalists for Peace on the Korean Peninsula concluded the six day World Journalists Conference 2018 held here since last Monday.
The conference which was participated by 70 journalists from 50 countries hopes that a spring comes heralding rapprochement and peace on the Korean Peninsula.
The declaration says: “World Journalists Conference 2018 hosted by the Journalist Association of Korea (JAK) share recognition that the denuclearization and establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula are directly linked to world peace and thus will strive for it together.
“We strongly support the recent development for dialogue between the two Koreas and call on all nations around the world as well as neighbouring countries including United States, China, Japan and Russia to join diplomatic efforts to pursue the path towards security and peace on the Korean Peninsula.”
Before the declaration was announced, the President of JAK, Jung Kyu Sung in his speech said, there have been many good news while international journalists were here for the past six days.
“Firstly, it snowed in South Korea to welcome journalists all over the world. Snowfalls in spring means distinguished guests have come to our country.
“Secondly, the South and North Korea have agreed to hold an Inter-Korean Summit at the end of April while the US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un will be meeting in May this year,” he added.
Kyu Sung said that to the international journalists at a farewell dinner hosted by the Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City before the declaration was announced on Saturday.
The conference also took the journalists for a study tour that includes visiting important, strategic, historical and commercial centres in several cities among others, Sejong, Busan, Incheon, Suwon, Andong and Jeju Island.
The president of JAK also said, the meeting between the US and the North Korean leader if completed will be a historical summit. It will be held in 65 years after the armistice.
He added, this is also a good signal heralding the spring on the Korean Peninsula for the peace.
“Those are the achievements made while you (international journalists) are staying in South Korea. You are the real messengers of peace,” he said.
–Malaysia World News

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