Women Empowerment – Balancing Lifestyle of Modern Women

Kuala Lumpur – Empowering women to achieve life balance is empowering the nation to achieve prosperity. As Malaysia believes in gender equality women empowerment has become a significant topic in recent years.

Women empowerment festival 2017, which has been kicked off few days ago, is a significant journey that places strong emphasis on the importance of “beauty with heart” contribution to the community, promotes tourism and culture, builds awareness to strengthen family ties and transforms women entrepreneurship mindset, said its organizer, June Yap in an exclusive interview with  Malaysia World News  after a Press Conference held in Conlay today.

Ladies from different backgrounds meet together, discuss and share their experiences and views in this festival. Organized under the theme “Be Bold for a Change”, women empowerment festival celebrates the healthy, balanced lifestyle of modern woman and focuses on three main areas, namely Family, Career, and Personal. 

The former Mrs Borneo 2015, June Yap uses her beauty pageant title and personal experience to help empowering women to rise to top and be the best version of themselves.

“I have been through difficult time in my marriage and in building up my career and self-confidence. Empowering a woman to be stronger, better and live her dream is my passion,” she said

“There are many women out there who need a hand and support of encouragement to know how to bring themselves up,”she added.

Asked what differentiates her Women Empowerment Organization from other many organizations of same objectives and activities in Malaysia such as ADLA or IWEF she said, this event focuses on women personal branding, cultivating their own entrepreneurship mindset, and strengthening family ties… This festival is a network of successful women out there who come in and participate, share, contribute, and inspire other ladies to find their path in life. 

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