Woman should have presentable image, competitive to remain in the challenging world – Minister Rina Harun

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SEPANG, SELANGOR OCT.22 – Women should take strategic approach namely presentable image, competent, dynamic, skilful and competitive to remain long in the present challenging scenario.

Minister of Woman, Family and Community Development, Datuk Seri Rina Harun said, from the global perspective, many women have been appointed as leaders, Chief Executive Officers in the private sectors and as government policy makers that are traditionally dominated by the males.

Rina said, the woman image is the first to be observed and analysed. The first perception will normally stay longer. This means the image and appearance do not only influence how one thinks about ourselves but also will influence other perceptions towards us.

“Their early perceptions on us will form their conclusions and subsequently will influence their actions. Self-appearance is not just the looks and image but also covers an individual’s personality. Through good appearance, ethics and professionalism, every woman will be able to show an image that could be respected by the people.

“Through good appearance, it could also elevate the confidence of a woman to move forward successfully,” Rina said in her speech when officiating the “Strong Women’s Image and Appearance Workshop” held at the Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara (IKTBN) here today.

It is Rina’s hope that the participants of the workshop could benefit the knowledge gained from the programme. The community will always have high regards on a woman because besides being a wife and mother in a family institution, a woman at the same time helps to play her roles in the national development.

“The movements of a woman will always get attention due to the healthy and happy image while positivity should always be taken seriously. With the opportunity to participate in this programme, we will get the benefits and at the same time use the knowledge gained to open the opportunity to increase the income and the family’s economy,” Rina said. –Malaysia World News


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