Why Malaysia ran out of chickens? – MWN explains

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Pic recently taken by Malaysia World News around 5pm at a supermarket.

The prices of chicken have suddenly increased this month and it becomes the issue and topic of the day.

Some survey and analysts said the increase in prices is due to higher demand.

But, why all of a sudden the demand for chicken has become so high and Malaysia looks like running out of chicken?

A check by Malaysia World News (MWN) showed processed chicken is now sold out as early as 9am -11am in most ereas around Cheras.

“Only matured chickens that have to be boilt first to make it soft before making a dish are still in stock until evening,” said a grocery shopkeeper.

“The new young fresh chickens have been sold off before 11.00 am every day since 23rd April 2022.

“Now grocery shop in Cheras only gets half the supply compared to before.

“This is due to the shortage of chickens nationwide,” he added.

According to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Price Catcher application, most markets, supermarkets and retail outlets here were selling standard dressed chicken at RM6.99 a kilogramme but some outlets were selling them at RM11 a kilogramme.

In Selangor, howeever, the current prices of chicken is between RM8.50 and RM11.50.

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Why has Malaysia run out of chicken?

According to a source familiar with the market, the high demand for raw chicken, and other essentials such as fish and meat, has happened only before and during Hary Raya Eidilftri, when Malaysians are celebrating Hari Raya and having many open houses every day for a month.

All the Malaysian Ministries and administrations are organizing large open house events and inviting thousands of guests.

Ordinary offices, companies, and families are also organizing large open house events.

How many chickens and how much fish and meat they need for their open house gatherings?

Some Ministries organize large, lavish open houses and serve hundreds of recipes to their guests.

Besides open houses, we also have many weddings, parties this time especially after Malaysian entered endemic and businesses resume as usual and social events are allowed.

When all these events happened at once, a shortage in raw chicken, as well as other essentials, would definitely occur and the prices go up.

The authorities and the people should be prepared for such shortages and high increase of prices during festival seasons. The people have not been able to celebrate their festivals since two years ago when the COViD-19 hit the country. They are now overzealously excited to celebrate the festivals by entertaining friends and relatives with good and plenty of food.-Malaysia World News



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