Why Malaysia need to buy a “Typhoon”?


LIMA`17 Langkawi: Malaysia World News recently had an exclusive interview with Mr. Paul Smith, Typhoon Pilot and Aircrew Advisor, only to know more in-depth about the capabilities of this world`s most sophisticated combat aircraft.

Currently, there are eight nations possessing and already flying Typhoon including UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

“Malaysian pilots are highly trained and professional. I like to come here and fly alongside with Malaysian Air Force. We have a great partnership with Malaysian Air Force,” said Captain Paul. 

This would be the best aircraft for Malaysia. Typhoon has a fantastic capability in the air force. More importantly is the industrial partnership between the two countries. It can also create the best opportunities for Malaysian people and Malaysia economy. In addition, it is a good value for money. When you buy 10 Typhoons, 10 typhoons will fly and all the weapons and systems are working for you. 

Comparing Typhoon to its rivals, Paul said, Typhoon can ” meet and to beat ” any aircraft in any nation right now.

-Malaysia World News

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