Who`s to blame for the defeat of PH in 5 by-elections, Dr Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim and other PH leaders?

dr mahathir and anwar ibrahim

Malaysia World News talked to local political analysts regarding the above question. Most of them put the blame on Dr. Mahathir as the Prime Minister and leader.

The latest bitter defeat in the recent Kimanis by-election is a signal that it’s time for a leadership change, some critics and politicians from PKR and DAP suggested.

According to Associate. Professor Dr. Azmi Hassan, Geostrategist from University Technology Malaysia (UTM) and a political analyst, “the number one man is the one to be blamed as he is the Prime Minister.

“Anwar Ibrahim, the so-called designated PM is also to be blamed, as Dr Mahathir described the internal bickering in PH or in particular PKR is giving the negative perceptions to the general public.”

The analyst pointed out that the infighting inside PKR party could be another stumbling block against PH losing popularity or votes.

“It’s true that the power struggle in PKR is hurting Dr Mahathir government but as I see it the collective of the cabinet that are so incompetent that really hurt Dr Mahathir.

However, Dr M still has all the responsibility to lead the government properly by choosing qualified, competent ministers.

“But again Dr M has few options to determine who will helm the ministry since it’s the individual party proposed the prospective ministers and these proposals are usually based on party hierarchy which means that not the best MP will be put forward by the parties in PH.

“PH Presidential Council should also be blamed for being very ineffective to determine the best MPs to be ministers.

“But in the end the people will blame Dr M even though he helms inexperienced ministers.” Dr. Azmi said.

Asked whether the majority Malays not having trust in Anwar Ibrahim as the next PM would affect the by-elections results, Azmi said it is difficult for a leader to perform well if people do not put trust in him.

“When the Malays don’t put their trust on certain political leaders then it is very difficult for these leaders to perform their initiatives and this includes Anwar reformasi.

“So without the Malays support, it is an uphill task for Anwar to be an effective leader.

“Anwar needs first to convince the Malays first that he is the leader that can protect the Malays interest but for the time being Dr M has the upper hand on this respect and no wonder Dr. M can hang on to the PM job for the time being,” Azmi added.

As for the political analyst, Associate Professor Dr. Jeniri Amir from University Malaysia Sarawak (UMS), Dr Mahathir is the only one to be blamed because he did not fulfill the 2018 general election (GE14)`s manifesto promises.

 “Dr Mahathir is the one who should be blamed, because, first he failed to bring reforms as promised.

“Secondly, many promises made before GE14 have not been fulfilled,” he said.

Asked whether Anwar would be able to bring reforms and or change some laws in the constitutions when he became the PM, Dr. Jeniri said: “Anwar has no choice except to ensure the reforms promised.

“He has to prove that he is better than Dr. M to win the hearts and minds of the people, especially the Malays by introducing policies that are impactful”

Many PKR and DAP leaders blame Dr. Mahathir for the defeat in the recent by-elections and they ask him to hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim and step down immediately.

The PPBM Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said many PH leaders from PKR and DAP disturb and do not allow Mahathir to lead the government.

This includes DAP’s Ramkarpal Singh, P Ramasamy, and Ronnie Liu, as well as Anwar’s supporters in PKR Syed Husin Ali, Johari Abdul, Abdullah Sani, Akmal Nasir, Rafizi Ramli, and Syukri Razab.

“How can Tun M administer the country if every day he is pressured (to hand over power to Anwar) and attacked by those considered as Anwar’s allies?” he asked in a statement yesterday.

Mahathir recently insisted that the handover could happen after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Kuala Lumpur in November. However, some PKR leaders want to know the specific date he can do that.

“I made a promise to hand over and I will, accepting that I thought that a change immediately before the APEC summit would be disruptive.

“As far as I am concerned, I am stepping down and I am handing the baton to him (Anwar). If people don’t want him, that is their business, but I will do my part of the promise […] irrespective of whatever allegation. I made my promise, I keep my promise,” Dr. M said.

After the losses in five by-elections, there is a need to resolve the transition matter. The Harapan presidential council must address this question, said Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy.

Anwar also commented, saying that Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) component parties should regard the results of the Kimanis parliamentary seat by-election on Saturday as a clear sign of the people’s dissatisfaction with the government.

“Action must be taken… If we can’t accept the fact, the effect will be disastrous. We are already seeing the effect spreading nationwide,” he said.

However, according to Dr Mahathir, the defeat in the by-elections is due to the infighting inside PKR party.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said his ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan (PH) will not win in the coming general election (GE15) unless they change themselves or do some changes. 

PH may be a government for one term only, the Sun Daily reported him saying today.

Mahathir said that when commenting on PH defeat in Kimanis by-elections on Saturday.

 “We have lost five by-elections but they still don’t understand.

“I told them in a democracy you need strong support from the people. But instead, they fight amongst themselves and divide the people.

“They are not going to win unless they change their ways,” Mahathir told reporters in Langkawi, a resort island off the western coast of Malaysia.

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