WHO warns of a major outbreak of corona in the world due to Omicron

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The World Health Organization has warned of an increase in infections with Covid-19, depending on the characteristics of “Omicron”, which will have serious consequences, noting that the assessment of the overall global risk due to the mutate is “extremely high”

“Omicron has an unprecedented number of increased mutations, some of which are of concern regarding the potential impact on the course of the pandemic,” the organization said in a statement today, noting that the overall global risk assessment for Omicron is “extremely high” and that the possibility of further spread of the Omicron strain at the global level is high.

The organization called on its 194 member states to expedite the vaccination of priority groups with Covid-19 vaccines, but it suggested that those vaccinated with Corona vaccines would be infected with the new mutation, “albeit in a limited percentage.”

In its statement, the organization also called on member states to report the first cases and hotspots of the “Omicron” outbreak, in addition to using a risk-based approach to adjust international travel procedures in a timely manner.

The organization indicated that more research is needed to reach a better understanding of the possibility of Omicron overcoming vaccines and acquired immunity after infection, noting that there is a great deal of uncertainty about Omicron’s ability to overcome the immune system.

The organization confirmed that so far, no deaths have been reported associated with the new mutant “Omicron”.

Source: RT

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