When old, spend time doing noble work instead of wasting time in courts, says Sabu

sabu minister of defence
MiNDEF Secretay General (left) Datuk Seri Mohd. Zuki Ali presenting the “Anti-Bribery Policy” book to the Minister of Defence Mohamad Sabu in conjunction with the Integrity Month 2019 at the Auditorium, Wisma Pertahanan, Kuala Lumpur on Monday (Nov.4).

KUALA LUMPUR: “Do not waste your time going to the courts when you grow old but instead spend such time to do more noble work,” said Mohamad Sabu here today.

Reminding himself and all Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) staff not to commit offences while in office, Mohamad said it is important that everybody stays far away from corrupt practices as one could be charged even after he or she has left the post.

“For example, I can be charged for bribery when I am not a minister anymore or has left the post and for such offence nobody can escape if it is committed during office,” Mohamad said in his speech before officiating the “Integrity Month 2019” with the theme “Integrity is the axis for National Defence”.

He also cited that the promotion of a military staff could also be jeopardised if he or she is being investigated for bribery offences.

MINDEF Secretary General Datuk Seri Mohd. Zuki Ali (left) reads the oath for integrity and anti-bribery and followed by the Malaysian Armed Forces staff at Wisma Pertahanan, Kuala Lumpur, Monday (Nov.4).

Mohamad also asked those present in the event held at Auditorium Wisma Pertahanan to imagine if the integrity of those at the forefront to defend the country is questionable.

“If the information on the national defence is being sold to others how could we defend the sovereignty of the country?” asked Mohamad.

Regarding the six light combat helicopters MD530G that have not been received by the government, Mohamad said the case has been discussed with the Attorney General, Ministry of Defence and also the Minister of Finance for further action.

In that event, Mohamad also launched the “Anti-Bribery Policy” book. The policy is one of the commitments of every staff in the administration and the highest management group in the Ministry of Defence not to submit to bribery.

Meanwhile, he said the Ministry is also preparing to come up with the Anti-Bribery Plan aimed at ensuring the Ministry is free from corruption risks.

Mohamad also mentioned that the Ministry has implemented the Anti-Bribery Management System – ABMS that has been certified by the SIRIM QAS Sdn. Bhd this year. The certification scopes include the Procument Management, Development Project Management and the Disposal of Assets Management.

He said the three scopes have high risks for bribery indulgence in the Ministry of Defence. _ Malaysia World News (MWN)

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