When Najib was Prime Minister many people came to him asking for help, he never say ‘no’ – Nizar

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Nizar giving speech at Umno special briefing (August 27).

Kuala Lumpur: Former Prime Minister Najib Razak has been like a father figure for many Malaysians who need help, said his eldest son Datuk Nizar Najib.

“When my father was Prime Minister, many people came to him asking for help. He never say no.

“If you know my father, you’d know how trusting he is. But unfortunately, not all are sincere like him,” he said when addressing the crowd at the Umno special briefing today.

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Umno members showing support for bossku Najib

Nizar, who is Pekan Umno Youth chief, also urged Umno members to pray for his father safety.

“Please pray for my father. We hope that he will be healthy and safe,” he said.

Nizar, in his speech, said
he and his family feel as if they “were kicked and slapped many times.” However, he added, they have to remain strong.

“My family has to be strong and I want all of you to be strong too,” he told the Umno members.

Nizar also described how sad are the voters in the Pekan parliamentary constituency held by his father, Najib Tun Razak.

“Imagine a leader and member of Parliament who has served for 46 years is gone. Many miss his facial expression, laughter and friendly touch. The town is still grieving.

“He is not only my father, but also a figure to Malaysians. 

“He is a person who trusts people, has good intentions and is easy to feel sorry for people,” he said.- Malaysia World News

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