Whale sharks attacked five fishermen in Langkawi

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LANGKAWI: Five local fishermen had to face threatening moments when a group of whale sharks attacked them and split their boat into two near Pulau Balar here, Wednesday afternoon.

The boat was wrecked and sunk into the water.

Maritime Director of Kedah State and Perlis, Maritime First Admiral, Romli Mustafa said, Maritime Malaysia had instructed “Bot Kilat 6” that was assigned as a special search and rescue boat to trace the boat involved in the incident.

“Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) Langkawi had received information from the public’s MERS 999 report that stated they heard emergency calls from the friend’s radio VHF that was suspected to have been wrecked and sunk.

“All the boat crew aged between 23-58 years old had been successfully saved by a fisherman boat that was located near the incident and all of them were reportedly saved from any injuries,” Romli said in a statement Thursday as reported by Sinar Harian.

Romli added, the Maritime Community is reminded to always bring and put on the safety jacket while in the sea and to bring along Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is encouraged as a safety tool in case an emergency occurs.

According to him, any report on criminal activity or emergency case in the sea, have to immediately call the hotline Maritime Operation Centre Kedah State and Perlis (04-9602750) or emergency line MERS 999. –Malaysia World News

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