Wearing face mask indoor is optional effective immediately – Minister Khairy

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KUALA LUMPUR SEPT.7: The wearing of face mask indoor will be optional effective immediately depending on individual’s choice and owner of premises whether to make it compulsory for their clients.

Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin said, however the face mask is still mandatory for a person with COVID-19 symptoms, travelling in public transport such as bus, train, e-hailing, airplane, school bus and van.

Khairy said, face mask should also be worn while at health facility such as hospital, clinic, nursing homes, chemotherapy and haemodialysis centres.

“Face mask should also be worn while with high risk group such as senior citizens and children,” Khairy said in a special press conference today.

Khairy added, the Ministry encourages face mask to be worn by those who are sick, with cough, flu and high risk groups such as senior citizen, individual with chronic illness, low immunity and pregnant ladies.

However, Khairy said, face mask is still encouraged to be worn in crowded places such as night market, stadium, shopping mall and worship houses.

“The Ministry believes that many people will wear face mask including ensuring self cleanliness that has been practised until today to avoid from COVID-19 infection,” Khairy said.

Wearing face mask was made compulsory effective 1st Aug.2020 following COVID-19 pandemic and when the country was still enforcing Movement Control Order (MCO).

Meanwhile, the Ministry on 1st May 2022 had announced that wearing of face mask is not compulsory outside the building and open space but still compulsory in buildings and public transport including e-hailing.

The enforcement of the face mask was based on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act342). A person could be fined not more than RM1, 000 or jail not more than six months if found not wearing mask in the places specified. –Malaysia World News




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