We need to be ready to deal with the “digisexuality” phenomenon, sexbots

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Robot Pic by CNet

A new report published in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy says that soon sex robots will be able to look, speak and act like real people – and will be specifically designed to fulfill a person’s desires.

The report also argues that many people will soon be identified as “digisexuals” as they will be having sex with robots.

“Radical new sexual technologies, which we term “digisexualities,” are here. As these technologies advance, their adoption will grow, and many people may come to identify themselves as “digisexuals” – people whose primary sexual identity comes through the use of technology,” say the report’s authors, Neil McArthur and Markie L. C. Twist.

Digisexuality is  Sexual attraction to sexbots or other technologically-enhanced sexual situations.

The online news portal, RT quoted the report’s authors, Neil McArthur and Markie L. C. Twist, from the University of Manitoba, Canada, saying in their research paper that we need to be ready to deal with the phenomenon when it comes to fruition.

“There is no question, then, that sexbots are coming.

“Our view is that they will represent a different sort of sexual experience from what existing technologies offer. First of all, people will form an intense connection with their robot companions.

“These robots will be tailor-made to meet people’s desires, and will do things that human partners cannot or will not do. For this reason, significant numbers of people will likely come to use robots as their primary mode of sexual experience,” McArthur and Twist say

The authors also argue that the rise of digisexuality will bring benefits, including potentially saving human relationships.

They also say that digisexuality will have a positive impact, particularly for people who experienced sexual trauma in the past or for those who have difficulty forming human relationships.

However, they warn that  it will also bring a slew of difficulties and argue that doctors must be prepared to deal with digisexuality and have a framework for how to approach it. – MalaysiaWorldNews/RT




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