Visiting is banned during Aidiladha, 21 clusters formed in cross-states activities–Dr. Noor Hisham

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PUTRAJAYA JULY 17: The Ministry of Health (MOH) stressed that 21 clusters were formed from 1st June 2021 until 16th July 2021 due to cross-state activities involving 1,010 positive cases from 5,681 individuals screened.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, these clusters were found to involve cross-state activities for the purpose of celebration, visiting family members, attending funerals as well as on work matters.

Dr. Noor Hisham said, the states with the highest number of cross-state clusters since 1st June 2021 were Perak with eight clusters or 38.1 per cent, Terengganu (5) or 23.8 per cent and Kelantan (3) or 14.3 per cent.

He added, since the beginnings of the “total lockdown” until July 16th 2021, 267community clusters with 17,106 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported.

“The cases were detected from 72,755 individuals who were screened (positivity rate 23.5 per cent) through Active Case Detection (ACD) conducted in the field by the District Health Office on an ongoing basis.

“From 17,106 cases, 105 deaths have been reported to date and 42 cases are being treated in the Intensive Care Units (ICU),” Dr. Noor Hisham said in a statement here today.

Dr.Noor Hisham added, these community clusters were formed following the celebration of the past festivals (Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Gawai), visiting activities in neighbourhoods or villages, gatherings between family members from different houses and funerals.

Several of these community clusters also involve cross -state activities for the purposes mentioned above.

“High-risk groups such as the elderly, those with health problems like diabetes or cancer are a very susceptible group with COVID-19 infection.? We should be aware that their immune systems are inferior and make them susceptible to COVID-19.?Their health levels also deteriorate easily when infected with COVID-19, to the point that some can lead to death.?

“MOH would like to call on the community to take heed and not repeat irresponsible attitudes, especially during the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration which will be celebrated on July 20, 2021.

“The community is reminded that cross-district and state bans are still in force so is the ban on visiting to celebrate the festival.?Don’t let the excitement of celebrating Hari Raya Korban cause us both to ‘sacrifice’ the deck because of COVID-19,” Dr. Noor Hisham reiterated.

On the latest development of COVID-19, Dr. Noor Hisham said, 12,528 new cases have been recorded today and out of which 6,840 (54.6 per cent) were from category 1 (asymptomatic),5,468 (43.6 per cent) from category 2 (mildly symptomatic), 112 (0.9 per cent) from category 3 (pneumonia -lungs),44 (0.4 per cent) category 4 (pneumonia and need oxygen assistance), and 64 (0.5 per cent) category 5 (critical and need respiratory assistance).

Overall, 98.2 per cent of the cases reported today were in categories 1 and 2.A total of 138 death cases reported today involving 46 cases in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan (20), 16 cases each in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Pahang (12), Melaka (11), Kedah (7), Perak (4), Penang (3), Terengganu (2), and Sabah (1).

Meanwhile the 12,528 new cases today brought the cumulative total to 905,851 with 6,629 discharged adding the grand total to 779,171 or 86.0 per cent.

“From the new cases, 9,848 (78.7 per cent) were Malaysians while 2,661 (21.3%) non-citizens. However there are 119,814 active cases nationwide. – Malaysia World News

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