Visit Morocco in Winter

Best time to visit Morocco is in winter season or spring so that you can enjoy the blessing rain, cold and sunshine.

From London to Casablancca by flight is only 2 hours and 45munites.

Morocco is a mediterranian country with 4 seasons, authumn, winter, spring and summer. And each season has its own speciality and attraction.

First thing I did when I reached Morocco last week , I went to Kenitra city, a small , quiet town famous of a nice beautiful beach called “Mahdia Beach,” and a famous river called “Sabu River.”

Along sabu river which runs in the middle of the town to the beach lie many modern cafes and restaurants where you can have a nice hot tagin dish or mint tea along.

And I did not miss to go to the fishing port and get some nice fresh fishes directly from the fishermen there. The fish is so cheap there and in all varieties.

I also spend a lot of time looking at the houses and got so fascinated to buy a beautiful house there for my summer holiday. I met the property owner, we had tea together, and bargained the price. You can build up to 4 stories in one house and get a garage or shop down stairs.

The food is extremely good and delicious. You can’t find such authentic moroccon dishes anywhere in the world.

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