US is the main investor that helps spur the economy of Malaysia, says PM Anwar

PM Anwar at the University of California, Berkeley here on Tuesday

SAN FRANCISCO: Malaysia is not inclined toward the People’s Republic of China although geographically the country is near to each other and has become a partner and associate that could be trusted, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

As reported by Bernama, Anwar said the United States is as important, as it is the traditional associate and the main investor that helps spur the economy of Malaysia.

“Generally the United States is ranked number one in terms of the amount of our investments, but China has gradually become one of the main investors,” Anwar said in the question and answer session at the University of California, Berkeley here on Tuesday.  

Anwar added China is Malaysia’s important neighbor that has matured in terms of economic vibrancies and the country will gain a lot of benefits if involved continuously with them.  

“My opinion is when we need to listen to the big power nations, they also have to be involved and listen to our opinion and stand. Our economy is fast growing and for that, we need to be involved and make the best decision for our nation,” he said.

On Malaysia’s role or ASEAN as a whole in the South China Sea, Anwar who is attending the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting said: “ASEAN had discussed its stand. Ideally, ASEAN needs to take it as a multi-lateral regional position when involved with China.      

“…in the map that depicts China recently, there is an overlap in the claimants’ area but the issue with China, Malaysia has succeeded in negotiating with them,” Anwar said.

Anwar believes that for Malaysia the issue becomes more difficult in the overlapping issue involving the Philippines and Vietnam.

“Malaysia had discussed with them but our position is to ensure it remains as a regional problem. Do not let other country to be involved as it would worsen the crisis,” he said.  

Meanwhile in his Facebook post today Anwar said he had delivered his speech “Super Power Rivalry and Rising Tension in the Asia Pacific” at California University, Berkeley.

“I have touched on the importance of the strategic relations between Malaysia China and the United States for the economic vibrancies and the interests of the country.

“Hence Malaysia will continue to strengthen the relations covering diverse fields that involve both countries without the need to urge which block to choose.

“I have also explained that Malaysia has always upheld the diplomacy channel as the best mechanism to resolve any conflict.

“I have also utilized this opportunity to bring up the voice of Malaysia to condemn any sort of brutality and act of killing the innocent, taking women and children as hostages.   

“We firmly condemn the continuous bombing in public places, houses, and hospitals and cruelty on innocent people, women, and children in Gaza.

“Malaysia regards the situation in Gaza as an “indiscriminate” massacre crisis in the name of “fighting violence” by the Israel Zionist regime,” he said.

The prime minister stressed that the violence is clearly against international laws and needs to be stopped immediately. – Malaysia World News   

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