Unity Government to focus on net household disposable income in 2024

rafizi ramli

KUALA LUMPUR: The income classifications namely B40, M40 and T20 are expected to be phased out next year as planned by the Unity Government.

Economy Minister, Rafizi Ramly said, the current classification which is based on fixed income will instead focus on the net household disposable income.

“The aid subsidies and other initiatives and policies implemented by the Unity Government will differ in many ways from the previous government’s approach.

“The government needs to ensure that all necessary infrastructures are in place and pilot tests will be conducted before determining the income threshold for eligibility,” he said at the People’s Income Initiative (IPR) vending machine pilot project at University Malaya Medical Centre on Wednesday as reported by NST.

According to Rafizi the government is aiming to minimise errors in the exemptions of subsidy caused by category classifications but instead emphasised the need to transition in stages.

“At the National Economic Action Council level, we have initiated discussions on the types of aid to be provided under the new targeted subsidies approach.

“We will implement integrated social assistance programmes gradually based on household net spendable income,” he added.

The efforts and initiatives according to Rafizi can be achieved via collaboration with various agencies to ensure the effectiveness of the government’s subsidy programme. –Malaysia World News     


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