UNIFIL appreciates and recognises the excellence performance of MALBATT 850-9 in South Lebanon

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KUALA LUMPUR: The role and responsibilities of MALBATT 850-9 for one year beginning 13th Nov.2021 had ended on 11th Nov. 2022 and was replaced by MALBATT 850-10 to continue its excellence performance in Lebanon until 2023.

The Public Affairs Division, Joint Forces Headquarters in a statement said, the Transfer of Authority (TOA) Ceremony of MALBATT contingent had been implemented on 12th Nov. 2022 between MALBATT Commander 850-9, Colonel Megat Maz Ardi Nohuddin and MALBATT Commander 850-10, Colonel Mohd Rizman Ramli and was witnessed by United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Head of Mission/Force Commander (HOM/FC), Major General Aroldo Lazaro Saenz held at UNP 2-1 Ma’rakah Camp, South Lebanon.

The statement added, the TOA parade was participated by 15 officers and 130 personnel in various rankings (LLP) consisting of officers and affiliated member of MALBATT Contingent 850-9 and MALBATT 850-10 that was led by Staff Officer 1 “Gerak” (Move) MALBATT 850-9, Lieutenant Colonel Mazli Mohamed Sain@ Mohd Said.

“The ceremony had also witnessed the presentation of United Nations (UN) medals, UNIFIL for the second term covering six months to MALBATT Commander 850-9 Staff Officer, Female Representative and Royal Armed Forces of Brunei (ABDB).

“In the event, MALBATT Commander 850-9, Colonel Megat Maz Ardi Nohuddin had received the Lebanon Military Evaluation Medal (Silver Grade) and Medal Letter from South Litani Sector Commander, Brigadier General Maroun Qubayati.

“The climax of the TOA was the handing over of the UN flag to MALBATT Commander 850-9 to MALBATT Commander 850-10 witnessed by HOM/FC as a symbol for the handing over of the roles and responsibilities of the Commander and the MALBATT Areas of Responsibilities (KTJ) for the assignment in South Lebanon,” the statement said.

Meanwhile Major General Aroldo Lazaro Saenz in his speech had recorded his appreciation and thanked the government of Malaysia for the commitment and involvement in the movement of Malaysian Peace Troup in South Lebanon since 2007.

General Aroldo also expressed his gratitude to the Commander and the MALBATT 850-9 Family for having managed 24,198 operational activities successfully involving Independent and Coordinated Activity with Lebanese Armed Forces (COAWL) at KTJ MALBATT in 288 sq.km (the biggest KTJ under UNIFIL) covering 48 municipalities besides enforcing the Mandate and Resolutions of United Nation Security Council (UNSC) 1701. –Malaysia World News


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