UMNO to come up with a blueprint and strategy to help Malays become more successful

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KUALA LUMPUR: For UMNO to continue its struggle in helping the Malays in particular, a blueprint or action plan should be established.

UMNO Deputy President, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said, UMNO has not been successful in forwarding an agenda that is more aggressive for the Malays.

Mohamad stressed that the Malays have not shown any drastic or prominent progress in the economy, education and social aspects.

“So what is UMMO’s driving factors for the Malays? This is the real test on the relevancy of UMNO to the Malays. How are we going to present solutions to the economy, social and culture to overcome these problems?

“What is our strategy to eradicate urban poor, increase bank equity, university, hospital, factories and companies with unicorn standard for the Malays? How do we increase the number of scientists, coders and programmers, nurses with unique expertise, engineers, lawyers and other professions?

“What strategy do we use to empower Bahasa Melayu? We make everything for the ‘Malay World’, we protect, develop and present it globally. UMNO must have owners for all these. UMNO cannot apply as “piecemeal” or ad hoc ways,” he said.

Mohamad said that in his speech when officiating the UMNO General Assembly 2023 for Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri at Dewan Merdeka WTC here yesterday.

The Rembau Member of Parliament also highlighted that the structuring of a new blueprint is to bring a modern and progressive agenda to make the Malays confident that UMNO has a clear plan for the race.

He added, with such blueprint, it can be a proof that UMNO is aware of the problems faced by the Malays and the party has a strategy and long term programme for them.

Meanwhile, Mohamad is leaving the future of the party to the young and future generation in a serious and well planned manner and as a strategy for representatives of Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri to manage UMNO. -Malaysia World News


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