UMNO should not entertain Anwar’s propaganda – Hishammuddin

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KUALA LUMPUR SEPT.25: PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should announce the number of Members of Parliament (MP) supporting him and expose the MPs from UMNO who have betrayed the party.

MP of Sembrong, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said, Anwar alleged that he will be forming a new government as he had nearly gained the support of two-third majority from the MPs especially among the Malay Muslims.

“Anwar’s announcement that he had the support to form a new government was not a surprise as the same propaganda was made on April and September 2008, February and latest on 23rd September 2020.

“The Port Dickson MP should be embarrassed.
When the country is fighting against COVID-19, he has the urge to change the government. He did not care about the people’s worry, instead he only thinks about his desire to be the PrimeMinister.

“Enough is enough! The people were tired of all these dramas. More than 20 years the country had to undergo a political crisis just because Anwar Ibrahim wanted to be the Prime Minister and he did not take the country anywhere,” said Hishammuddin in a statement here on Thursday (Sept.24).

Hishammuddin said, UMNO should not entertain Anwar’s propaganda. The press conference yesterday was merely to divert the attention of the people before the Sabah State Election that will take place in a few days time.

Hishammuddin who is also the Foreign Minister said, Anwar tried to confuse and instil worrisome among the people on the stability of the Federal Government.

“UMNO should be aware of Anwar’s tactic and the danger to support him because it only opens the opportunity to DAP to have more power to “deter” thereligion, race and nation that we are fighting for all this while,” warned Hishammuddin.

He also urges all the ministers to give full support to the Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

“However, if any members of the government are adamant in not supporting the government of the day, they should withdraw from the government.

“We should focus our efforts on rebuilding the country and not on detrimental political drama,” he warned.

He added, whatever was announced by Anwar, most importantly the party should focus on the efforts made to win in the Sabah State Election.

“UMNO and BN have been campaigning for a week to garner victories for the candidates. Do not hamper the efforts, disturb the focus and weaken the spirit with the statements that could raise questions amongst the UMNO members andthe BN machineries,” said Hishammuddin. – Malaysia World News

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