Ukrainian Ghost allegedly shot down 10 Russian planes

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A Ukraine’s air force pilot was reported to become a hero after downing 10 Russian planes.

Ukrainian pilot, who became known as the “Ghost of Kyiv”, has allegedly shot down 10 Russian planes that were attempting to capture the capital.

Despite “brutal” attacks by Russian troops, Ukrainians showed a fierce resistance against Russian troops to pretect their land and independence. 

The Ukrainian pilot, whome his real identity and name not revealed yet,  was reported to have taken down six Russian planes within the first 30 hours of the war, shooting an additional four as of February 26, The Express reported.

The hero “Ghost of Kyiv” is said to have extraordinary ability to hit quickly and destroy Russian planes before disappearing back into the sky in a black fighter jet.

A viral video on social media said in a captain:  “Ukraine probably not its first ace since World War II. This is the anonymous pilot of the MiG-29, nicknamed the Ghost of Kyiv. In the first 30 hours of the Russian invasion in February 2022, he shot down six Russian military aircrafts. As of February 26, 10 military planes of the occupiers [were shot down].”

However, according to the international media, there is currently no confirmation whether all allegedly shot-down planes were hit by the same ghost officer.

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