Ukraine President`s calls for no fly zone rejected, the West afraid of Russia and Vladimir Putin

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the British Parliament on Tuesday via video, calls for help tougher sanctioning of Russia and for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Every year the world witnesses a bloody war in one or two countries. Many innocent, helpless citizens are being brutally tortured and killed, or displaced from their homes that built for years with tears and sweat. But, the united nation and the western countries, which claim themselves so powerful and so human and democratic, remain silent. Some of them seem to even have bloody hands in these wars. They are the architects of war.

For many years, the world has been watching bloody attacks and wars in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Myanmar where millions of innocent civilians including children and women have been killed, tortured, and displaced from their homes. All what NATO, Western countries, US can do is just `singing the song of democracy, human rights and equality.`

Singing only. But no action has been made against any criminal. 

Ukraine sees itself as different from the Arab or Africans or Asian world that they would not have the same fate like Syria or Palestine. They think they are like relatively Christians or European. They have been even so confident that the West will defend them and help them defeat Russia, and welcome them to join NATO and the European countries.

However, Ukraine and its President have started to get disappointed by the reaction of the US and the West towards Russia invasion and killing of the Ukrainian soldiers and citizens.

As of Tuesday, the United Nations said that some 2 million civilians had fled Ukraine and that 474 have been confirmed killed and 861 injured.

Ukraine was shocked and disappointed to know that the West has rejected imposing no fly zoon on Ukraine against Russia. UK Prime Minister and US President and all other NATO leaders rejected the idea of no fly zone, citing it would lead to a direct nuclear war with Russia, as Russia may resort to the use of its powerful horrible nuclear weapons.

Yesterday (March 9), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the British Parliament on Tuesday via video, and repeated his calls for more help and for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“We will continue fighting for our land, whatever the cost.
“We will fight in the forests, on the shores, in the streets,” Zelensky said.
After Zelensky`s speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated that Britain will continue its humanitarian aid, military support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia  “until Ukraine is free.”
However, he did not address Zelensky’s repeated calls for a no-fly zone.
Western countries have clearly ignored Ukrainians call for a no fly zone, which for them it would escalate into a larger confrontation with Russia.
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The West has proven itself to be obviously scared from Russia. And Russian President Vladimir Putin  is confident no power can stop him till all his demands are fulfilled.

UK’s armed forces minister James Heappey described the overnight attack in southern Ukraine as a “war crime”.  “Yes, absolutely… I mean it is,” he told Sky News.

Already 14th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of people have been killed and millions have fled the country.

Images captured by Associated Press photographers show some Ukrainian citizens fleeing via difficult roads, and some of them dying on the road.

The only thing that the West can do is to supply weapons to Ukraine, same as they do in Syria and Libya. But is that what the Ukrainians want or expected from them? 

Understanding that Russia is the world’s second military power, do we think that Ukraine can defeat it using US or Poland or UK weapons?

Russia is well prepared for war and not scared from USA or UK. And it seems that this war is getting bigger and won’t end soon. 

After the sanctions and the weapon supplies and the rhetoric failed, NATO will enter in a direct war with Russia and its supporters and that will be a third world war and that may end in the explosions of nuclear bombs.

So it seems that a third world war is inevitable in this horrible time of power hunger, covid-19 and greed.

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