UK plans to relax lockdown rules to allow couples who do not live together see each other

boris johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds – Pic Boris Johnson FB 

British Government considers easing lockdown and ‘stay at home’ rules to allow family members, friends and couples who do not live together to meet and see each other.

UK`s Ministers are discussing whether to relax the strict ‘stay at home’ to let people socialise with their closest family and friends.

The new measure would allow close family members, friends and couples to meet for meals.

But some Ministers opposed to the suggestions, saying that the new system could allow the coronavirus epidemic to take hold again.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday warned the government would not ease lockdown restrictions until ministers were certain they could prevent a deadly second wave of infection.

Coronavirus Cases in the UK have risen to 143,464 as of Saturday, while the number of deaths linked to the pandemic currently stands at 19,506, according to Public Health. – Malaysia World News

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