UK General Election: Labour Party wins majority votes



LONDON: The United Kingdom (UK) general election ended with the Labour Party gaining majority votes in the “democracy festival” in the country.

The victory subsequently fulfilled what had been focused following the political scenario in UK that will change in line with the success of the Labour Party.

UK follows the parliamentary government system with every one of the 650 Members of Parliament will represent the individual election area.

In another development Labour Party’s Keir Starmer met with King Charles III on Friday and was formally appointed as UK prime minister after Rishi Sunak tendered his resignation.

NBC News reported, King Charles asked Starmer to form a new government, as quoted by Buckingham Palace in a statement.

Earlier in an opinion survey, it was projected that the Labour Party had garnered 410 seats followed by Conservative 131, Liberal Democrats (61) and Reform UK (13).

The result indirectly proves that the Labour Party had garnered a big majority with 170 seats.

The current situation is different from the results of UK general election in 2019 where the Labour Party had lost narrowly by winning 344 seats compared to the Conservatives capturing 365 seats.

Based on the opinion survey, the moderate left party headed by Keir Starmer will return to power with a big majority after14 years the right wing government under the Conservative had led the UK.

The Conservative party had led UK since 2010 after winning the general election in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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