Two soldiers killed by falling tree due to strong storm

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Army confirmed two soldiers had died on duty after they were struck by a tree in a storm near Gerik, Perak on Sunday morning.

The dead were identified as Sergeant Mohd. Kamal Ramli and Coperal Muhammad Zaki Johari, both from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment (2RAMD).

The Malaysian Army in its statement said, the team was hit by a strong wind and storm at the temporary base near the operation area on 10th July 2022 at about 2.30a.m.

“At around 2.50a.m when the situation returned to normal, a safety examination was conducted and found that the two soldiers had died,” the statement added.

The bodies of Sergeant Mohd. Kamal will be buried in Sg. Petani, Kedah while Corperal Muhammad Zaki will be buried in Chuping, Perlis.

Malaysian Army expressed its deepest condolences to the wife of Sergeant Mohd. Kamal, Corperal Siti Nafishah Mohd. Nasir and wife of Corperal Muhammad Zaki, Nurummi Amirah Chepa and the families of the deceased.

Malaysian Army will extend its assistance to ensure the welfare of the families are being taken care. – Malaysia World News


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