Two Malaysian English lecturers from IUKL won bronze medal at an International level

Mohammad Nor Nazmi and Norherizan iukl
Mohammad Nor Nazmi and Norherizan showing the bronze medal and  certificate they won at the International Invention and Innovation Competition in Cameron Highlands, Pahang recently.

KUALA LUMPUR:  Mohammad Nor Nazmi Abdul Razak, 30, and Norherizan Abd. Moen, 32, from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) have won a bronze medal for their innovative work entitled “University students’ satisfaction on “Schoology” as an innovative tool in teaching academic writing” at the International Invention and Innovation Competition held in Cameron Highlands, Pahang recently.

The competition was organised by MNNF Network where 500 participants from Malaysia and Indonesia had showcased their innovative work.

“We managed to convince two juries with our work- innovating a new pedagogy to teach academic writing. That was our first attempt in such competition with the aim to enhance our teaching experiences in research work.

“The main objectives of the innovation include, promoting collaborative learning, providing space for immediate feedback from lecturers and peers and promoting blended learning,” Norherizan, an English Lecturer from Faculty of Arts, Communication & Education, IUKL told Malaysia World News (MWN).

Blended learning is a combination of traditional method of teaching “talk and chalk” and incorporating it with the new technology, she added.

The two lecturers spent nine hours within three weeks with students in the classroom to get the outcome of their research on “Schoology application” using a Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) formula.

According to Norherizan, the Schoology app is a learning management system platform that can be utilised to interact with students, lecturers and parents.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Nor Nazmi, who is also an English Lecturer at the same faculty and the Head of this project said blended learning helps to enhance, enrich and diversify students’ learning experiences.

“Schoology is another app used in teaching the students besides Edmodo, Padlet, Kahoot! and Facebook which have been used rampantly.

“Using such apps will make the process of learning and teaching more interesting, effective and fast provided the access to Internet is good and reliable,” Nor Nazmi said.

However, both lecturers hope to widen the use of Schoology app in other subjects besides English.

–Malaysia World News

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