Turkey reopens 10 out of 14 girls’ schools  in Afghanistan

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Turkey has reopened 10 out of 14 girls’ schools  in Afghanistan after its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu visited Taliban delegation last month.

Cavusoglu said on Thursday during a parliamentary meeting :“Of course our suggestions aren’t enough. That’s why ten out of 14 schools administered by Maarif Foundation have reopened.”  

The foundation he referred to is runnning a total of 80 schools in Afghanistan, of which 14 are for girls only, according to the Mmiddle East Eye.

The news portal said, Turkey remains the only Nato country to have a functioning embassy in Kabul after the Taliban takeover earlier this year. 

Cavusoglu also revealed that that Ankara had recently sent 33 tonnes of food aid to Kabul, as humanitarian aid.

 “Our aid work is still underway,” he said. 

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