Tun M an inspiration for Malaysians

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95 year-old Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir becoming a role model for Malaysians – a good inspiration for our senior citizens. 

This morning he posted many photos of him cycling in Putrajaya , with tje caption : “Saya berbasikal di keliling tasik Putrajaya pagi tadi. Badan yang cergas dan stamina yang kuat amat penting dalam melaksanakan aktiviti atau pekerjaan yang kita mahu lakukan.”

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Many social media users got impressed as they liked his positive vibe. 

” Tun always set a good example to all rakyat.. a simple good health and mental lead a person to be more organise in his life aspect..,” said a user.

“TM always bring positive vibes, eac and everytime, hope those people who are surrounding him should follow his way of life rather than growing hates whenever the write anything in socmed….use TM names as mileage for them to survive…,” an other user said. 

Others said : “I personally feel your an inspiration. What matters .”

“Enjoy your life Tun. You have done the best for our country. Now it is time for yourself Tun.”

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