Trump suggests teachers should be armed

Trump suggests teachers should be armed

Following last week`s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left at least 17 people killed, US President Donald Trump has suggested that teachers should be armed – carry guns with them to school- to help prevent school shootings.

“A teacher who was adept at firearms … could very well end the attack very quickly,” He said on Wednesday during a “listening session” with survivors of mass shooting.

“I really believe if these cowards knew that the school was well-guarded … I think they wouldn’t go to the school to start off with, it could very well solve your problem,” he added.

Families of victims of gun violence, survivors of mass shootings, gun control advocates, teachers and some politicians have slammed Trump, calling his idea as “terrible” and “horrible”, as students would not like to see their teachers carrying guns to the classroom.

They said the administration should instead focus on reforming gun control legislation.


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