Trump claims people were “crying” when he was arrested

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Former President Donald Trump, who was charged with 34 criminal counts related to falsifying business records over hush money payments, claims court officers were “crying” and “apologizing” to him when they booked him last Tuesday during his Manhattan arraignment.

“People were actually crying” he claimed during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

“They were incredible. When I went to the courthouse which is also a prison in a sense, they signed me in and I’ll tell you people were crying.

“People that work there. Professionally work there that have no problems putting in murderers and they see everybody. It’s a tough, tough place and they were crying. They were actually crying. They said I’m sorry,” he said.

However, according to the Independent news portal, many netizens and social media users have mocked Trump for claiming people were crying for him, with some users even shared video footage from inside the courthouse in Manhattan last week showing a court staff refusing to hold open a door for Mr Trump as he walked in to face a judge.

One user commented, “People who worked at the courthouse were crying because they were happy to see the conman from Queens being arrested.

” One officer even let the door slam into Trump with tears of joy in his eyes,” he added.

“It’s typical projection. He was crying,” tweeted another user.


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