Traditional penis enlargement massage attracts tourists to visit Indonesia


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Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, Terawan Agus Putranto, has reportedly said that the country`s traditional penis enlargement massages have great potential to draw more tourists.


“We must promote the idea of traditional medicine for tourism. We have an incredible herbal medicine industry that no one knows about outside Indonesia,” Terawan said during the launch of Indonesia’s Health and Fitness Tour Catalogue on Tuesday, 19 November, as reported by Detik Travel.


Referring to this traditional treatment, which is known Locally as Mak Erot, as a “national asset”, the minister said tourists would be interested in other natural medicines such as Tongkat Ali and Purwaceng.


Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement used to boost athletic performance, while Purwaceng is known as the ‘Viagra of Java’.


“If we package it correctly, foreigners will be interested,” he said.




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