Tourists cancel their trips to Malaysia due to the haze


In this season of haze, Malaysia is not only losing good health and look, but also losing millions of dollars every day while many tourists cancelled their trips to here and even those who are already here they seldom go out from their rooms.

According to The Malaysian Insight, thousands of tourists from China cancelled their holidays in Malaysia because of the haze.

The news portal quoted Malaysia Inbound Chinese Association (Mica) saying that more than 100 tour groups, which each group comprising up to 30 travellers, cancelled their trip to Malaysia and instead they go to other Asean Countries such as  Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“The impact is disastrous, although some tour groups have had enough time to cancel. Others are not so fortunate, and they had to continue with the tourists complaining,” said Mica president Angie Ng, adding that 70 to 80 travel agencies suffered a 20 per cent drop in business due to cancellations.

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