Three foreigners shot dead by Malaysian police

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Pic via AP

GEORGE TOWN: Three foreigners were shot dead by Malaysian police at 5 oclock morning (5am) on Saturday (Nov 10) in Pearl Hill, Tanjung Bungah.

The police said the three men were shot when they tried to attack the policemen with machetes.

The Star quoted the State police chief Comm Datuk Seri A. Thaiveegan saying that the shots released by the policemen were in the name of self-defence.

“We believe that the three men are part of a gang that break into houses and carry out robbery,” he said.

“Police then went to the scene and saw that the three suspects were attempting to escape to the nearby jungle. “

“The suspects then attacked police with machetes and police were forced to shoot.

However, the identities of the suspects are unknown yet,  but they are believed to be foreigners.

The newspaper added that the police believe that the three men were involved in eight cases of house break-ins in the Northeastern part of the island.


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