Thousands of Malaysian K-pop Fans attended MOKKOJI KOREA 2022

Kpop BLANK2Y performing at Mokkoji Concert at MITEC, Kuala Lumpure Nov 13, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: MOKKOJI KOREA 2022 has attracted thousands of Malaysians who wanted to experience Korean culture and meet their favorite K-pop artists.

The event was hosted on Saturday and Sunday (12th and 13th Nov) at the International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur by the Ministry of Cultural, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange.

The two-day event has seen over 27,000 Hallyu fans attended the MOKKOJI concert and shows which featured and hosted the performances of the well-known K-pop artists Moonbin & Sanha (Astro), Jeon Somi, and BLANK2Y.

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BLANK2Y talking to the media at Mokkoji Korean 2022 Malaysia. Pic/MWN

Visitors have explored the Korean culture and lifestyle at the expo. They enjoyed taking part in many Korean cultural exciting activities such as Korean “Cooking Class”, “Korean Traditional attires”, “Hallyu Lifestyle”, “Random Play Dance”, “K-Pop Dance Performance”, and “K-Pop Goods Lucky Draw”.

Many Visitors, most of them young adults, told Malaysia World News that they came to the exhibition only to explore the Korean culture, enjoy Korean food, play Korean traditional games, and take VR tour to Korea.

Fans also had the opportunity to enjoy live performances by the top-tier K-Pop artists including Moonbin & Sanha, Jeon Somi and BLANK2Y.

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Jeon Somi and MOONBIN & SANHA Jeon Somi and MOONBIN & SANHA. Credit: The Black Label / Fantagio Music

Over the past two days, MITEC had been transformed into a hub for Hallyu-enthusiasts having an immense passion for the Korean culture, ranging from Korean dramas, webtoons to Korean cuisine, Hangeul, and lifestyle.

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Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), Jung Kilhwa
said: “The MOKKOJI Korea Festival displays a variety of Korean lifestyles. It gives us great pleasure to host MOKKOJI Korea in Kuala Lumpur this year. Korea is becoming more appealing to many Malaysians as people are taking courses to learn about the Korean language, enjoying K-Pop music, and wishing to attend Korean universities. With that, more exciting events and upcoming projects are in store for us, and we are confident that our partnership with Malaysia will only grow stronger from here,” he said.

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During the two-day exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to sample some of the most well-known, mouth-wateringand flavourful Korean dishes such as gimbap, japchae, tteokbokki, and bulgogi.

Visitors also had the opportunity to transform into their favourite movies or webtoons’ characters by adorning its signature costume and taking pictures to share with their friends. Besides that, visitors got a better taste of the traditional Korean culture through many folk performances and games.

At the mini stage, attendees participated in learning how to make the famous Korean side dish -Kimchi with K-Food Cooking Class, or joined a Korean make-up style tutorial instructed by their in-house makeup artist. – Malaysia World News



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