This picture was taken in Kabul, Afghanistan in the 1970s

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Picture: Laurence Brun
This picture taken in Kabul, Afghanistan in the 1970s portrays how women in Afghanistan used to be at the time.⁠
The pictures, which was published today by The Australian, show miniskirt-clad Afghan women striding confidently through the city streets and on campus at the university in Kabul with not a hijab in sight.
⁠In the 1960s, Kabul  was a society taking its first tentative steps towards modernity and a more Westernised lifestyle, the news portal said. ⁠

Kabul Today

The top UN human rights official said on Tuesday (August 24) that there are credible reports of “summary executions” and serious violations by the Taliban, adding that the treatment of women would be “a fundamental red line”.

“There are grave fears for women, for journalists and for the new generation of civil society leaders who have emerged in the past years,” Michelle Bachelet told a special session of the UN Human Rights Council on Afghanistan.

A Taliban’s longtime spokesman in his first-ever public appearance to address those concerns at a news conference last week

The Taliban vowed Tuesday (last week) to respect women’s rights, forgive those who fought them and ensure Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists as part of a publicity blitz aimed at reassuring world powers and a fearful population, AP reported.

 Taliban try to portray themselves as more moderate than when they imposed a strict form of Islamic rule in the late 1990s.

However, many Afghans remain skeptical and thousands have raced to the airport in attempt to desperately flee the country.


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