This is our second independence, we are free from the ruthless (BN) regime – PM Dr M


KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Malaysian people feel now more relief since Barisan Nasional (BN) government was ousted on 9May.

“Indeed, this is our second independence. We are free from the shackles of a ruthless regime. Our lives are more comfortable,” he said In his National Day 2018 message that was broadcasted on national TV last night on the occasion of Malaysia Independence Day 2018.

BN government had ruled Malaysia for more than five decades since Malaysia took its independence from British in 1957.

Dr. Mahathir considers this Independence Day 2018 as the ” second Malaysia Independence.” First it was freed from British colonization and now it is freed for the second time from Barisan Nasional government.

“This PH government guarantees justice for all the people, irrespective of race or religion,” Dr Mahathir said.

The lawful systems of democracy and administration, he added, were discarded and replaced with other means (during BN govt time).

“Such was the damage and pressure that the people endured so much so that they felt they had achieved independence once again when the 14th General Election brought about a change of government,” he said.

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