There is a “new wave” of media freedom in Malaysia since PH came to power – Johan

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Johan Jaaffar receivIng the trophy from Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik (right) after he was announced as the recipient of “The National Prominent Journalist 2018” at the Malaysian Journalism Award MPI-Petronas 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, April 26. 

KUALA LUMPUR APRIL 27: Journalists would not be evaluated based on their loyalty towards the politicians but on credibility, responsibility and professionalism.

Recipient of the National Prominent Journalist Award (Tokoh Wartawan Negara) 2018, Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar said, politicians come and go but journalists remain where they are.

Johan added, even though the media landscape has gone through the transformation process but the responsibility of a journalist including abiding to media ethics, commitment and the “intention” has not changed.

“News is often referred as the first draft of history. Journalists report, take notesand make analysis.

“Journalist should criticise and give opinion without fear and favour. The media is said to be the Fourth Estate and as such they should play their roles in the proper perspective.

“I am happy to hear that there is a “new wave” of media freedom in the country following the Pakatan Harapan’s victory in the 14 th General Election 2018.

“The freedom should be maintained while journalists use the “openness” in the best possible way,” he said in his speech after receiving the award from the Minister of Education, Dr. Maszlee Malik.

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Dr. Maszlee Malik signing on the poster when launching the book “Kisah MPI” written by Datuk Dr. Chamil Wariya ( right).

Johan added, for the government this is not a trial and the people do not want the “old times” to be repeated where the control over the press was inversely proportional to the strength of the ruling party.

“When the government is weak the control over the press is tightened and I hope that era has ended. Freedom without responsibility will cause damage.

“I hope the PH government will fulfil its promises to ensure the laws, Acts and procedures that are not relevant with time , limit the freedom of speech and the media be reviewed or repealed,” said Johan the former Editor in Chief of Utusan Malaysia.

Johan was speaking at the Malaysian Journalism Award MPI-Petronas 2018, Malaysian Journalists Nite held here on April 26.For the award,

Johan who has been continuously writing in various media including books and literature works for the past 50 years received a trophy, certificate and RM30,000.

Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Dr. Chamil Wariya also launched his book “Kisah MPI” at the event.

Meanwhile, two journalists from Kosmo, the daily from Utusan Melayu Group had won the most prestigious “Kajai Award” with their environmental issues “Selangor is threatened with the pollution from the plastic factory and the weak enforcement is the root cause of the difficulty to control the activity and Polemic of the dumping of the poisonous plastic waste.”

The award winners Ahmad Mustakim Zulkifli and Luqman Ridhwan Mohamed Nor each received a certificate, trophy and RM30, 000. – Malaysia World News


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